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The Ministry of the Standard Bearer - eBook

The Ministry of the Standard Bearer, the symbolic use of flags and banners in ministry, examines what we call flag ministry from a biblical, historical, practical, and prophetic perspective.

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The Ministry of the Standard Bearer presents a biblical foundation for the symbolic use of flags and banners in ministry. Another word for “standard” is “banner.” In scripture, the banner is primarily used as a metaphor for victory or overcoming the adversary through God’s power. In this book, you will have an opportunity to examine the standard from a biblical, historical, practical, and prophetic perspective.

• Discover how the use of flags and banners can enhance the worship experience.
• Learn the historical, practical, and prophetic applications for the use of flags in a church or ministry setting.
• For the person who believes they are called to what is commonly known as ‘flag ministry’, this book is a guide to understanding how to use flags to honor God.
• In addition, it’s an instructional guide for ministry leaders who desire to teach the principles of the Ministry of the Standard Bearer from the inside out.



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