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Storytelling is an art form like no other. From ancient tales to modern day dramas, stories have been used to captivate and educate audiences for centuries. Skits and plays are a particularly powerful tool for bringing stories to life, allowing us to experience the moral of the story through the eyes of the characters.
Take the Bible for example – the stories within its pages have been reinterpreted time and time again, each time offering a unique perspective on the characters and their experiences. The popular TV show Chosen is a great example of this. By using our own cultural understanding and imagination, it breathes new life into the timeless stories of the Bible, giving us a chance to explore them in a whole new way.
House of Skits is a division of The Prophetic Scribe Publications. 
We produce Christian scripts for Christian skits. 
Some of our skits reflect principles from the Bible; others are Bible stories retold; and some are humorous skits created to lighten a serious topic or to bring joy through pure, clean, entertainment.
Our mission at TPS Publications is to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in creative and engaging ways that transform minds, hearts and lives and lead to a deeper relationship with our creator.