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Arletia Mayfield Bio

Arletia Mayfield aka The Prophetic Scribe is the visionary founder of TPS Publications, a company committed to offering primarily digital, downloadable resources and tools for ministry.

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What Type of Scribe are You?


Creative Scribes are gifted scriptwriters, songwriters, poets, storytellers, and other creative writers.


Instructional Scribes are teachers, bloggers, and people that are gifted at explaining things step by step in writing.


Administrative Scribes have the gift of organization. They have a talent for creating documents that reflect the heart and purpose of the person or organizationt that they are writing for.


Prophetic Scribes are gifted in discernment, and prophetic interpretations. They may also be creative and dreamers.


Technology Scribes are gifted in tech, math and science (Architects). They have a unique ability to see things from different angles and dimensions.They are very competent in communicating these ideas in writing or illustration.

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