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RV Life

How Franklin and Arletia Mayfield transitioned from a home based media business to RV life as Mobile Media Missionaries.
THE VISION: In 2014, the Lord revealed to me that He would take our home-based media service business on the road. He instructed me to look for an RV, and I became obsessed with the idea of RV travel. However, as we searched for the perfect motorhome, I began to doubt our ability to afford one, especially the Class A that my husband desired. I started to downsize the vision in my mind, considering a trailer or a converted minivan instead.

When the Lord gave me instructions for the next phase of our life, I detailed them in writing and created a video to promote the vision.

I shared God’s plans with anyone who would listen. My lunch dates with friends even turned into excursions to RV showrooms.

THE PROVISION: Three years later, after we moved from Georgia to Ohio, I woke up one day to find a Class A motorhome parked outside our home. I heard the Lord say, “Your vision was too small.” The 1999, 36-foot, Winnebago Sunflyer was exactly what we wanted and needed, in very good condition, with low mileage and a great price. We negotiated an unbelievable deal with the owner, and within six months, God provided the finances to complete the transaction. It still amazes me how God drove that motorhome right to my front door to prove His faithfulness. “I always provide for MY vision,” said the Lord.

We named our RV Glory to Glory. It was paid in full right before our 3rd Annual Marriage Vision Retreat.

For our Maiden Voyage. We went to Columbus, OH, then to Atlanta, GA - visiting ministries along the way.

THE MANIFESTATION: A few months after acquiring the RV, our youngest daughter moved out. So, we liquidated everything that didn’t fit into the RV and moved into a suburban RV park.

A couple of weeks later, we received devastating news that my baby sister had passed away. We left immediately not knowing where we would end up. We were prepared to be in California managing Mom’s care in the nursing home, but on our way to California, we learned that my mother had also died. Upon arrival, we finalized the plans for the double funeral, and I went about the task of designing obituaries, creating videos and writing the eulogy for the two women who meant the most to me. That is where our journey began.
On the way to California, we received condolences and financial support from friends, family, and ministries across the country. The fuel cost alone was over $800.We had no money. We had just bought an RV.

I had no idea how I would pay for the memorial services, but the Lord provided. The nursing home unexpectedly issued a refund that no one knew my mother was entitled to. It arrived the day before the memorial and was just enough to cover both cremations and the service. Keeping the faith until the last minute required God’s grace. The overwhelming stress could have overtaken me, but God gave me peace that surpassed my understanding.

THE HOSPITALITY OF STRANGERS: When we arrived in California, we eulogized my girls, fellowshiped with family and wandered around looking for a place to park our big rig. We were invited to park at the home of the funeral coordinator and her husband at night. We spent peaceful days at Dan Foley Park in Vallejo, CA.

GRIEF & MOURNING & GOD’S GRACE: Nesting helped me heal emotionally as I mourned the loss of my daughter (moving out on her own), and the death of my mom and sister.

RECONCILIATION: I reunited with first cousins (on my dad’s side) that I hadn’t been around for 30 years. They are pastors, and let us park in front of their house and hook up to their water and electricity. Being around my best friend and family was a great comfort, especially during the Thanksgiving Holiday, which was my mom’s birthday. They also provided help and support in more ways than I can recount the entire time we spent in the Bay Area.

CUSTOMIZING OUR NEW HOME ON WHEELS: In Oakland, we customized and modernized our RV in a vacant Walmart parking lot.  We painted the flowered upholstery valances grey and covered the sofa and dinette cushions in black vinyl. We also spray painted the green sofa black and covered the green carpet with a black and grey rug. 

My mothers favorite flower was the Cala Lily. My aunt sent one to the funeral and we took it along on our trip as a memorial.

EVANGELISM ON THE FLY: It was a welcome distraction to show my husband where I grew up. On the way to San Francisco, our Uber driver told us he had just been held at gunpoint. As we ministered to him, he confessed that he was struggling with homosexuality and was heartbroken by the way his pastor treated him despite his genuine repentance. We encouraged him to stay focused on Christ for deliverance, not on man. At one stoplight, he laid his head on the steering wheel and wept. However, after the Holy Spirit filled his heart and the car with prayer, supplication, and exhortation, his spirits were lifted. By the time he dropped us off, he told us he knew God had sent us to him at the time he needed it most.
HE GAVE ME BEAUTY FOR ASHES:  The Lord provided us with rest at Half Moon Beach, where it was very cold but serene. We spent some of our days at Jack London Square watching sea gulls, browsing shops and walking around the shoreline of the Bay.
THE NEXT ASSIGNMENT: That was the last time I saw my entire family together, although my brother was not present. He did not take the news well. Our next mission was to drive to Central California to find him.

IT IS GOOD TO DWELL WITH THE BRETHREN: In the Bay Area we visited several churches during our journey.

  • Our host church invited me to do poetry at their women’s conference. 
  • Gun fire outside the church interrupted one service.
  • We visited my mother’s oldest sister’s church too.
  • My cousin Marcus McCauley produced a phenomenal Holiday Concert that we attended after Thanksgiving. 

Have you dreamed about leaving your 9-to-5 job and just traveling and living on the road? Or spending your retirement years exploring our beautiful country? It can be more than a dream. We’re living it and I can tell you how.  


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