When God Gives You a New Name

When God gives you a new name, it is an indication that you have not just been called, but hat you have been chosen by God (Mat 22:14). The new name is your new identity in God and represents His covenant with you. Abram's name was changed to Abraham and he was promised to be the father of many nations (Gen. 17:5).

yeslordWhen God gives you a new name, it is an indication that you have not just been called, but hat you have been chosen by God (Mat 22:14).  The new name is your new identity in God and represents His covenant with you. Abram’s name was changed to Abraham and he was promised to be the father of many nations (Gen. 17:5).  Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah and she was promised to be the mother of nations (Gen. 17;15-16). Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and he was also given instructions and promises from God (Gen. 35:10-12).  In the New Testament, Simon Bar-Jona’s name was changed to Peter “The Rock” and he, too, received a covenant and promises from God  (Mat 16: 17-19)

I remember the day the Lord gave me the name, The Prophetic Scribe.  I was living in my RV in an RV park in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was recently divorced and chose to live in the RV so my ex and his children could live in the house (so the kids didn’t have to be displaced).  My phone rang.  It was the Prophetess that found me when I first moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, California about five years prior.  I was reborn and had recommitted my life to Christ (thanks to her leadership), but I was still growing (as I continue to do).  We had not spoken in a while so we were catching up when she suddenly paused as if she was listening to someone, then she said to me, “God says, you’re his prophetic scribe.”  Although I had never heard the term before, the truth of it hit me right in the heart.  When we hung up, I laid on my bed and the Lord began to download his plan for me.   I awoke with a new outlook.  I called a Pastor that the Lord told me to call (someone I had never met).  I got the answering machine.  I hung up and called right back and the pastor answered the phone.  I shared what the Lord told me to do and he invited me to meet with him.  He listened to my story in detail and then said, “I know you are a prophet of God.  You must come to my church and fulfill your mission.”  I walked closely with that Pastor until the Lord sent me elsewhere.  Each move I make continues to take me closer to my destiny.  I know that God is with me.  SEE TESTIMONY

What about you?  Do you remember when God gave you a new name?

Arletia Mayfield is called The Prophetic Scribe because she writes under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  She is an ordained minister and Bible teacher. She is an author and the publisher of TPS Publications providing resources and tools to creatively share the Good News of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ.

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