What part of the body are you?

A mentor once gave us an exercise to spiritually discern what part of the body we represent in the body of Christ.

A mentor once gave us an exercise to spiritually discern what part of the body we represent in the body of Christ. I cannot even remember what my response was, but today I was reminded of that exercise when my husband said, “I was thinking about you today. I was thinking about how you are like an artery. You need to constantly be filled in order to effectively pump blood to other parts of the body.” He described himself as a fingertip because of his diligence to work with his hands to complete his task. He’s a web master, designer and artist. I thought about how if you sever an artery, the blood loss is so rapid that the body dies quickly. Looking at myself in this way helped me to see how important I am to the Body of Christ. When I am fed through the Word of God, Worship and even fellowship with other God-fearing Christians like I was today in Sunday School and Worship Service, I have more to pour into that young sister that had never heard the story of Esther before I associated her gift for beautification with the process Esther went through before being brought before the King. I pray that I piqued her curiosity enough to make her want to read the story for herself. She had never heard of the Book of Esther, but there she was sitting in church. I pray she got what she came for and I thank God for extending me to her.

Arletia Mayfield is called The Prophetic Scribe because she writes under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  She is an ordained minister and Bible teacher. She is an author and the publisher of TPS Publications providing resources and tools to creatively share the Good News of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ.

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