Testimony of TPS Publications Founder

The Lord gave me a vision for a publishing company back in 2005.  I shared the vision with a friend, and she started a publishing company.  Hmmmm.  Guess I’d better support her huh?  That’s what I did, and she in turn supported me by publishing my first book. Then, the Lord sent me to a mentor of Literary Ministry.  After 4 years of service to VOC Literary Ministries Int’l, he blessed me with a husband and told me to serve him.  My husband is an artist, global Internet missionary, webmaster, and a lover of my soul, body and spirit, and I serve him as we serve the Lord together.  Meanwhile, I never stopped writing while I waited for the divine timing of the publishing company that God had promised me.

Now I understand why the vision took so long. My publishing business is paperless. It’s digital. It’s where the the past meets the future – right here in the present. God was preparing me to launch his gospel worldwide, not locally and not through a traditional publishing company that would pay me 7% royalties while I compromised my content to bear their worldly name.  Nor do I have the expense of paper, printing, manufacturing and distribution.  Nor do I have to compromise my beliefs by using secular vehicles to promote my holy content.  In these seven years, God has given me my own Internet television network to market and promote my books, my own publishing company to promote the gospel, my own husband with daughters and an adorable grandson…and if that wasn’t enough, he expanded my ministry and uses all of my gifts and talents – writing, dancing, studying and teaching.

But, here is the key – while I waited (passively) on the Lord, I waited (actively) on the Lord.  Do you hear me?  I served him in private and in secret while I waited, and he rewarded me openly.  I taught through blogs (while I waited),  I wrote 3 books (while I waited),  I broke out of my shell and was the first one to dance with flags in my church – and a ministry was born (while I waited),  I served my husband (while I waited),  I became a content housewife (while I waited),  I focused on my family (while I waited),  I hid in the shadow of His wing (while I waited), I basked in the love I had been given (while I waited).  The road has not been easy.  In fact, it has been hard. Our first years of marriage have not been without challenges and struggles, but we have endured for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We chose the Lord’s work over our comfort.  We leaned on each other and trusted God when there was nothing and no one else to lean on and now, several years after the Lord called me The Prophetic Scribe and sent me out to teach and help writers, I hear the Lord saying, “You have completed your training.  This is a new beginning.”

Finally, the vision of TPS Publications is being realized.  This is a testimony to declare that everything works better when God orchestrates it, and consecrates it.  His plans are worth the wait.  I pray that this testimony has blessed someone.


Arletia Mayfield is the visionary founder of TPS Publications, a company committed to offering primarily digital, downloadable resources and tools for ministry. These resources are designed to creatively convey the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Arletia Mayfield aka The Prophetic Scribe is the visionary founder of TPS Publications, a company committed to offering primarily digital, downloadable resources and tools for ministry.

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