Creating Art with AI

Scribes can now create their own artwork for a myriad of projects with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Some artists like graphic designers, illustrators, painters, and other types of visual creators are very excited about AI art, but others are very intimidated fearing that this new genre of artwork could make the work of humans irrelevant.

Scribes should consider the ability of AI to write and compose ad copy, poems, and literary works based on vast amounts of data input, which is infinitely more than our experience and knowledge, but it is still not human.  AI will never have a soul, emotions or the spirit of God living on the inside of it.  It can never receive inspiration from God. It is limited to the knowledge of man that it has access to.  Believers need not fear AI art as a competitor to God-given prophetic works of art or original drawings, but rather as a tool to use to advance the kingdom of God here on earth by telling it what to do. AI gives us what we put into it, much like life itself.  We are in control of a lot more than we realize. 

In response to those that see AI as a competitor, we can distinguish our original, creative works by making it clear when it is 100% human created. There will always be people that want “the real thing” and are willing to pay handsomely for it.  Original works will ultimately always be worth more than anything AI can generate because people value “originals”.  Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and other original works of art won’t be losing value now or in the future. However, we can also use AI art technology creatively to advance our purpose, diversify, and benefit financially.  

As for me, not having the ability to create artwork has been a major limitation for the creative works that I always envisioned because I have minimal art skills, but all that has changed with AI.  Especially with text to image programs that use prompts (words) and commands to create art. Words are my specialty. With the right combination of word prompts and commands, scribes can now create artwork for projects like wall art, book illustrations, greeting cards and more.  

If you would like to find out more about AI text to image technology to complement your scribal projects, below is a list of some of the most popular AI art apps.



Dall.E 2

Deep Dream Generator





Runway ML




Arletia Mayfield is called The Prophetic Scribe because she writes under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  She is an ordained minister and Bible teacher. She is an author and the publisher of TPS Publications providing resources and tools to creatively share the Good News of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ.

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