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Welcome to House of Skits

The purpose of House of Skits, a division of TPS Publications, is to provide quality Christian scripts for Christian skits to be used for Christian education and creative demonstrations in the church, in ministries, and in Christian organizations.

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Their eyes are blind. They cannot see. Caught up in personality They’ve looked over God’s commands and statutes because the candidates speak well and are

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My favorite Accessory – Ephesians 6:15

My favorite accessory is a poem written in response to a Bible Study assignment given by Pastor Michael McCoy, Word of Life Christian Church to give a personal testimony of the part of armor you most identify with.

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A Date with the King (A story by The Prophetic Scribe)

This is the day she had been waiting for all week long. She had a date with the king. All week long, he was all she could think about. Although, they communicated several times a day, their relationship had grown more and more intimate over the years. She could not wait to get in his presence and worship him.

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Hidden Baggage

Hiding your baggage that you think no one else can see. Coming to God with dirty hands on bent knee You were commanded to get rid of it long ago, But you examine it in secret where you think ]no one will know.

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God Said, Praise Me!!!

When I got saved, the Lord told me that I could not “perform” my Christian poetry. He was referring to the entertainment aspect of spoken word that I had perfected when I was doing “poetry” in the world.

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